Sunday, 15 February 2009

~Don't Say 'I Told You So'~

My ex has just got through yet another gearbox.

That's 4 gearboxes on 3 cars that she's trashed now.

To have one gearbox die is unlucky; they're a tad expensive to fix, after all (especially as she can only drive an automatic).

To have 2 die is dashed unlucky.

After the third, one would imagine that you'd take a long, hard look at your style of driving. Just to make sure that you weren't doing anything that was less than condusive to the health of your transmission.

To have 4 die pretty much confirms that you need to re-take your driving test.

I know what her problem is. We argued about it on many, many occasions.

How I (used to) come to a halt whilst driving an automatic;

#1 Bring the car to a halt.

#2 Select 'N'

#3 Apply handbrake.

#4 Select 'P'

How my ex comes to a halt whilst driving an automatic.

#1 Don't bother to stop completely.

#2 Select 'P' as quickly as possible, jolting the car to a sudden halt.

#3 Wonder why you've knackered 4 gearboxes over the years.

Each time I would attempt to point out that was, just perhaps, not the best way to treat our car, I'd get an earful, so I eventally gave up.

My explaination that it was akin to stopping a push-bike by inserting a broom handle into the back wheel fell on deaf ears.

The proof of the pudding......

TONIGHT'S MOOD: Wondering if she'll have the brass to come to me to help her get it fixed.

SOUNDTRACK: The Smiths - 'How Soon Is Now'

No real reason for the song choice, just a classic track that kind of fits my mood at the moment.....

FOOTNOTE: Some people just won't listen to advice.

The Trying Not To Say 'I Told You So' Groover


  1. Are you insinuating that she's shiftless? ;-)

  2. MrScribbler:

    That, and that she's a stubborn c*w who'd cut her own nose off to spite her face.

  3. I always thought it pretty difficult to destroy an automatic, but I guess she proved that wrong.

    Now, how would she stop a shift? eh, you better not answer that one...

  4. I am confused. How do you wreck the gearbox if you drive an automatic? Is the stick in the center console or is it by the steering wheel? Doesn't improper shifting also wreck the tranny?

  5. Dorrie:

    Yup, she proved that wrong alright.

    To have 4 give up the ghost is wayyyyyy beyond the realms of probability.

  6. AndiMAC:

    The gear levers were all in the centre console.

    It's the 'not stopping before selecting P' thing that's doing the damage.

  7. Most of the cars I have owned were only available as automatics, but I would choose that anyway. They are so good now that I see no real reason for a manual shift transmission. There ARE ways to completely trash an auto in a hurry. Are the gears being destroyed, or is she just snapping off the parking pawl? I had a big old Mercury with a busted parking pawl and a non functioning parking brake. Made it somewhat tricky to park so it would not roll away :-)

  8. Doug:

    In each case the car refused to engage forward or reverse ever again.

    I have to say that I've grown to love a manual gearbox over the last 12 months.

    The majority of cars sold here in the UK are manual. Automatics are still something of a niche, albeit a growing one.

  9. Wish I knew a lady that weren't stubborn but I love the automatic gearbox

  10. Stranger (Ogbeni):

    They're certainly less messing about, but I rather enjoy diddling with my clutch ;-P

  11. Women are never wrong. Don't you know that by now? Lol. Tell her to ride a bike from now on. Ha. Hugs.

  12. Xanadu:

    I certainly do, that's why I stopped bothering to comment about it.

    I let the gearbox carcasses speak for themselves LOL!

  13. Wow. I have to confess my ignorance here – I wouldn’t know how to drive an automatic. As you say, they’re a bit thin on the ground over here.

    But, reluctant though I am to accept correction, I think I’d probably have accepted it after a couple of new transmissions.

  14. Simon:

    They're pretty simple; there's a 'go' pedal and a 'stop' pedal....that's about it.

    My ex is 'reluctant to accept correction' to the point of mental illness.

  15. Judy:

    It's just the third of a steadily increasing number, I fear.

  16. Jesus. I'm almost speechless. I've required transmission work on automatics, but only when the car had a bajillion miles on it (1.6 bajillion Kilometers).

    I'm guessing if she was ever out yachting, she would stop the boat by simply tossing the anchor overboard while she was still at cruising speed.

  17. Maybe she'll eventually get it- or then again, maybe not!


  18. Diddling with the clutch is time consuming :) But then again, I guess its fun

  19. I like manuals myself. I wouldn't know HOW to ruin an automatic - never ruined a stick shift either though. So when you are stopping at a light you actually do N and then P? Or do you mean stopping as in when you are parking the car?

  20. Steve:

    I don't know anyone else who drives an automatic who's had to have any major work done besides regular maintenance.

    LMAO the yacht comment :-P

  21. Wizardress:

    I, for one, wouldn't bet any money on it LOL!

  22. Oladapo Ogundipe:

    Time consuming, yet satisfying :-)

  23. Chiaroscuro:

    Stopping as in parking the car.

    I much prefer a manual gearbox now too. I like having something to do with my hands.

  24. Simple solution. Take drivers license of person in question. Set fire to license. Problem solved. No more mutilated gearboxes.