Friday, 6 February 2009

~I Love It When A Plan Comes Together~

It's been a bit of a grim week as far as work is concerned; the recent inclemency of the English weather has seen to that.

We simply can't handle snow!!!

I lost two whole days of work because of it....not good...:-/

However, I managed to claw myself out of the doldrums a little this evening, when one of my newer clients had his four-week health check.

Since starting his diet and exercise regime on the 9th of January, he's lost 6.4kg (14.08lbs) of overall bodyweight.

This is made up of a body fat loss of 11.2kg (24.64lbs) and a lean mass GAIN of 5.3kg (11.66lbs).

He HAS got a lot of body fat to lose, and it's pretty common for such people to lose a large amount of weight in the first few weeks. Even so, he's done amazingly well at sticking to his diet and his home exercise program that I gave him. Not to forgetting his 2 PT sessions a week, of course.

It also means he'll be buying another block of 10 sessions from me. :-)


SOUNDTRACK: The Cramps - 'You've Got Good Taste'

I was saddened today to learn of the death of The Cramp's vocalist, Mr Lux Interior on the 4th of February due to an existing heart condition.

I was well into The Cramps as a youth (indeed, I still am). I love their gothic-horror-rockabilly sound.

The world will be a less interesting place for your passing, Mr Interior :-(


REMEMBER: What you get out is directly proportional to the effort you put in.

The Goo Goo Muck Groover


  1. I understand you not liking the cold. But it could be worse, you could be in the southern parts of Oz over the weekend. Over forty degrees, basically everywhere south of Queensland. Given the choice, I would prefer the old dart.
    I still have fond memories of snot freezing on my face as a little one in the winter. Charming child that I was.

  2. a little bit of hoo


  3. That's a pretty good loss and gain! What kind of diet did you put this person on?
    I love the snow - we don't get any here ;0-

  4. Domestic Daze:

    I've seen the news footage of the fires that you're having over there. It looks pretty grim at the moment :-(

  5. AK:

    That's all it takes, I'm afraid.

    We have a very moderate climate here in the UK. Extremes in either direction tend to throw us a little.

  6. Wish I was as good a client as he is! :-(

  7. BenB:

    I've put him on a diet where he's, basically, cut out all the crap and stopped drinking alcohol.

    He's also eating a small meal every 3 to 4 hours (up to 6 per day),each one consisting of carbs/fat and a source of protein. It's nothing too fancy.

    He's been having 2 PT sessions a week, as well as buying himself a treadmill and using that for 30 minutes each evening.

  8. Carla:

    He DOES have the, not insignificant, advantage of living in the same town babe.

  9. Heck, cutting out the alcohol is a huge step forward in itself.
    I've read about a diet that was called "fueling" where you eat small amounts many times a day. The theory, if I remember correctly, was to get the body to stop thinking it is in starvation mode and get it to stop storing fat.
    Sounds something like what you have written here.
    Always good to read about people that are making success in getting the fat off and getting their health back.

  10. Congrats on the repeat business!

  11. Talk about hte weather Kentucky got hit with an ice storm that paralized the entire state.I was without power for 8 days some folks are stilll not gottten back on their utilities. I love snow but ice sucks!! Hope all is going great for ya my friend Take care