Thursday, 26 February 2009

~A Monster Of My Own Making~

One of my New Year resolutions was to take control of events in my life rather than have them take control of me.

Never, in the whole of human history, has a person failed so utterly, totally and completely.

I have created a monster that is slowly consuming me.

I am doomed.....

Not to mention a bit of a c*nt....


SOUNDTRACK: The Teardrop Explodes - 'Treason (it's just a story)'

Some dodgy 80's dancing, but what a great song...

FOOTNOTE: Be careful what you wish for.

The Doomed Groover


  1. Maybe resolving to not make a New Years Resolution would work better next time??
    I never do and I haven't broken it yet, LOL
    I'm still fat, I am still lazy, I still don't exercise and I still eat chocolate.
    Now if I can only conquer that bloody golf, life would be perfect.

  2. Tell you what, bro, I can give you a race for the lead on this one!

    That's why I made no such resolution...totally pointless from the start.

    Doesn't mean you're anything less than a Good Guy. Just means when you're on the beach at Dunkirk, it's best to make haste for those boats!

  3. I'm in agreement with the others. I never make New Year's resolutions. Maybe you feel off the wagon. Get back on. It doesn't mean you're a failure. Sometimes we have no control over certain events. Each situation is unique. You're still the GROOVER! :-) Hugs.

  4. I don't think you're a failure either. Even though I have no idea what's going on. I am learning that I have no control. Life just does what it's gonna do sometimes. It sucks.

  5. promises you don't make, you can't break!

    hah! I didn't know I was a poet! *grins*

  6. Im sure there are better days ahead!

  7. I learnt long ago, there are many things in life I cannot control. What I can control is how I cope with things, learn from them and most importantly move on and become a better person.

  8. Doomed, huh?

    I thought I was the dramatic one in this relationship?

    If I didn't know better, reading the two of us, I would think the one of the greatest relationships ever created had fallen completely and irrevocably apart!

    Thank goodness I have an inside source!

  9. I have to say I am not around to read much but come on already are you going for the academy award for drama blogging Andy? Right now I am about ready to scare the shit out of myself by leaving the state I live in for a job, new place and among other things I haven't even told my family...Flying by the seat of my levi's seems to be just how I guess what? Just be you, if you fall then get back up and do it again until you don't you know?

  10. I have found that a good motto on which to pattern your life is, "When all else fails, lower your standards."

  11. You know- you only fail if you don't try, and it sounds like you are trying. If what you are doing isn't working, then maybe it's time to restructure and try something else. You are far from a failure my friend. *hugs*

  12. You can only control how you react to setbacks so best to let the good times roll and the bad times roll off your back.