Saturday, 24 January 2009


The Bad Boy is more poorly than I first thought.

He's been in the shop today to have his rear shock-absorbers replaced.

However, the shock-absorber mounts need replacing too. Unfortunately, the only place the mechanic can get them from is BMW, who can't get them to him until Tuesday.

So, it appears that my rear suspension will be knocking away until the middle of next week.

It's also going to cost me an extra 60 quid. Thankfully, the guy isn't going to charge me any more for labour because he can replace the mounts as he's replacing the shock-absorbers.

I can't believe I just wrote musy have been SOOOOOOOOO boring to read.

TONIGHT'S MOOD: Disappointed

SOUNDTRACK: The Dandy Warhols - 'Bohemian Like You'

The 'uncensored' version, featuring gratuitous shots of a rather shapely young lady laying on a skateboard and of a particulaly gaunt, pasty-looking young man with a flacid penis and slightly disturbing pubic hair.

FOOTNOTE: Ooh ooh ooh......

The Keep-It-In-Yer-Pants-Son Groover


  1. What's boring? Rear-ends are always an engaging topic!

  2. What? Huh? *Yawn* Just kidding! lol. Hugs.

  3. I always find looking through a window into the mundane activities of people's lives to be interesting at least or entertaining at most. Maybe I'm a voyeur in training or something.

  4. perhaps better then drama? lol at least we know you're still around....

  5. Dang -- you and Doc are always in the same boat... He needs rear shocks for his truck right now!


  6. Well - the guy gave you something for nothing, if he's going to replace the mounts for no extra charge. Most shops would see that as "extra", even if they have to come off in the due course of replacing something else and get at least another $50 out of ya.

  7. I'm pretty good mates with Zia, the keyboard player and her hubby Travis, the dude with the glasses and the tats... they're really good people, tend to hook up when they're over touring here but i missed them in November...

    they're very good live... had a blast with them at Glastonbury 5 or 6 years ago... pre-kids... don't remember much about it though!

  8. anyways, back to an old arguement... what's your take on the BBC and Sky not broadcasting the Gaza appeal? Clearly our media is hugely biased against Israel... wake up man... it's bloody run by Israel!

  9. DickingtonbarII:

    Our media is run by Israel?

    Yup, of course it is..... Israel is THE bogeyman, after all. They run the whole world and it's entire contents....we just don't know about it ;-)

    Sky is a private company, it's up to them what they screen and what they don't. If I don't agree with them, I don't subscribe.

    The BBC is publicly owned, so it should remain as politicaly neutral as possible.

    If anything, the BBC is run by extreme-liberal. It's so PC that it lacks any teeth whatsoever.

    Have you ever watched 'Question Time'?

    It's audience appears to be selected from the employees of Lambeth Council and the subscriber list of 'The Guardian'.

    Are you sure that we're watching the same BBC?