Thursday, 15 January 2009

~On The Mend, Finally~

I've had a pretty grim few days.

They culminated in my having to call the NHS Direct helpline last night, then driving over to Birmingham for a midnight appointment at an NHS centre to see a doctor about my rapidly inflaming throat.

He examined me and gave me a course of antibiotics to take, which seem to be working wonders so far.

I had a badly inflamed right tonsil and glands on the right side of my neck, apparently. I couldn't even swallow my own saliva, it was so swollen.

I've actually managed to eat solid food today, which was nice :-)

TONIGHT'S MOOD: Thankful for the NHS.

SOUNDTRACK: Joy Division - 'Shadowplay'

FOOTNOTE: People knock the NHS, but I didn't have to put my hand in my pocket ONCE for anything they did last night.

The Thankful Groover


  1. Oh that sounds just awful! I'm so glad that the meds are working and you are starting to feel better.


  2. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Nothing more miserable than having a sore throat, and not being able to swallow. Take your meds. like a good boy. Hugs.

  4. even after you feel a little better, you should still use this time to rest and recuperate. maybe get a stack of DVDs you've been wanting to see and make a day-long marathon of it. glad the meds are working!

  5. Glad you're on the mend, Andy

  6. I hate it when my saliva gets swollen.
    Damn socialist! (Me, too...)

  7. Take care of yourself Groover! Glad you found good health care.

  8. Must be spreading around, I had the exact same problem a week ago and holy hell, did it suck. I hope you recover quickly.

  9. Yikes - I'm glad you got taken care of. Yay NHS! :)

  10. Good to hear. Now eat your yoghurt to get the good bacteria back. Hooray for NHS - good luck getting something like that over here. It would have been a 100 dollar trip to the doctor and who knows how much for anti-biotics? Even with insurance its a 25 dollar co-pay and on my plan you still pay 25 bucks for your prescription, too.

  11. Good to see your on the mend.
    I'm a unreconstructed socialist, so I fully support nationalised health care.
    It's an absolute bastard to manage, expensive as poison & fraught with problems but you should not be dependent on the health of your bank balance to get first world medical attention.

    I was just listening to a thing about nursing in UK compared to Australia. Wow. Penny pinching M'Fkers. Oztrayan Uni taught Nurses are all degree level qualified, UK seems to be a mix of diploma & degree - not because of a stratified responsibility system, just because it's cheaper. And they wonder why they get issues like MRSA etc.

  12. I left a comment here yesterday but I can't find it... I remember saying, besides good wishes to you getting better, but that people just don't understand our European health systems and how good they are!