Thursday, 8 January 2009

~Swings & Roundabouts~

It's been a day of swings and roundabouts.

I picked up 2 new clients.......which is nice :-)

But I also lost a client because her hubby has been made redundant :-(

I also lost an evening's work at the gym I go to on Monday and Thursday evenings because the January 'New Year Resolution' rush is yet to materialise and there wasn't a single client booked in :-(

I've got that achey-flu feeling coming on too, so it's 2 ibuprofen and bed for me, I think.

TONIGHT'S MOOD: A poorly sausage

SOUNDTRACK: The Stone Roses - 'Fool's Gold'

FOOTNOTE: In one hand, then right out of the other **sigh**

The Achey Breaky Groover


  1. Aw, sorry about losing a client. Nip that flu thing in the bud. Get lotsa rest, and take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning. That's Dr. Xanadu to you!) lol. Hugs.

  2. Xanadu:


    The pills have been taken and beddy-byes beckons :-)

  3. Eat garlic and make Coriander seed tea. Seriously. Boil up lots of Coriander seeds till it looks like tea. Drink it till it starts tasting a bit strong then go back for more later. MIRACLE shit that.

  4. Moko 2.0:

    Unusually, I don't have any of that in at the moment.

    I'll certainly give it a go at some point though.

    It'll help keep those pesky vampires at bay too, I'd wager!

  5. I usually nick any germ anslaughts with some Japanese heiling oil, concentrated eucalyptis (sp) or something. Hope you get grips on it and not it on you!

  6. You just need to sweat it out!

    Wish I could help...

    Feel better sweetie, new clients tomorrow, you know!


  7. Dorrie:

    Bugger, I'm right out of those too!!!

    Darn it! ;-)

  8. Carla:

    I wish you could too, I could use something to help me sweat it out...**cough** ;-P

  9. Feel better damnit! (I like to boss around Brits).

    (Ok, I like to boss around everybody).

  10. I hope you get to feeling better. In all my years at the gym I've found those "New Years Resolution" crowds dwindle away by April, anyway.


  11. I hope you get to feeling better.


  12. Yeah, the gym always gets real crowded right about now. Sorry your day was such a suckfest. Sleep well!

  13. You need some of Paul's chicken soup. It's nothing but noodles, chicken and spinach but it has a mystery ingredient, guaranteed to nip any illness in the bud. I'll have him make some and think of you while I eat it. :)
    Hope you feel better and congrats on the new clients.

  14. Things will pick up. Just radiate a sunny attitude and the little plants will sprout. :)

  15. Lunamor:

    Yes Miss, right away Miss....

    Actually, I had a lie-in this morning and I feel much better :-)

  16. DrStrangelove:

    They most certainly go, but this year seems unusually quiet so far.

    Last year I picked up 15 new clients during the week after Christmas. They didn't all stay the distance, but I still train 2 of them every week.

    It's the classic 'funnel effect'.

  17. gillardia:

    I appear to be back to my normal self today, thankfully :-)

  18. thredhead:

    I went to my usual gym where I train yesterday (Fitness First) and even THEY were no busier than normal.

    Usually, you can barely move in there for the whole of January.

  19. Labetine:

    Did you have some?

    It's done the trick if you did ;-)

  20. BonnieBehave:

    I do my best to make the most of my boyish smile and impish sense of humour ;-P

  21. Hey at least you are moving forward.

  22. Fijufic:

    I guess I am, but it's akin to wading through treacle at the moment :-/

  23. Well, at least there WAS some good news......

  24. Thanks for finding me! Great to see you again! Get well soon...