Saturday, 10 January 2009

~Hit By A Train~

I'm lucky enough to rarely be ill.

Even when I am, it's not often that I have to give in to it.

When I had to have my broken right foot pinned back together a few years ago, I still managed to get around pretty much normally.

However, I've picked up a flu/cold type thing over the past couple of days and, I have to admit, I feel like I've been hit by a train.

One of my CLIENTS actually finished her session early today because, in her words; 'you look like death warmed up'. Luckily, she's one of my hard-core clients, so it won't be a black mark against me professionally.

I had an inkling that something was afoot ealier in the week when I got a cold-sore on my lower lip. If I get a cold-sore, it usually means that I'm coming down with something.

I've got my Uncle's 60th birthday bash to attend tonight, so I think I may well try to get some kip this afternoon and see if I can reduce the size of that train!


SOUNDTRACK: Paul Hardcastle - '19'

This came up in conversation earlier today. I hadn't seen the video in years, so I thought I'd have a gander on YouTube.

It's still as disturbing today as it was back in '85.

FOOTNOTE: Things never really change, do they? :-/

The Under-the-Weather Groover


  1. Ack - I sure hope you feel better soon. That's one of the hard parts to being self-employed - no sick time!

  2. The light at the end of tht tunnel just might be a train!!!

    Have fun at the party Andy.


  3. Hope you feel better for the birthday party. That video is so disturbing. I lost a cousin to that war, plus numerous, NUMEROUS close friends. What a waste. Hugs.

  4. i adore you, but i'm going to go disinfect my keyboard now. i'm TERRIFIED of catching flu - knocks me out of commission for at least a week.

  5. Did ya try the coriander seed tea?

  6. Lots of fluids Andy, and if you had a juicer I'd give you some concoctions that would knock it out in a day ... rest well and all that.

  7. Yikes! Sounds like what I had. Feel better!

  8. Hey, I hope you made it to the party without incident.

    I had completely forgotten about that song. I have never seen the video. An unwinnable war in unique terrain, fought by youngsters. Sounds current, doesn't it?

  9. I hope you are feeling better.


  10. Aw, take care of yourself and feel better, Andy!